Fair recruitment, firm standards

We adhere to the guidelines of the WHO and the International Convention on Human Rights.

At GLOBOGATE, along with our business partners, we are committed to fair recruitment through our binding code of conduct. For instance, we enforce a strict "no fee policy" for foreign employees.

Care with principles

We voluntarily commit to comply with the ILO core labor standards, particularly the general principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment of the ILO, as well as the IRIS standards of the International Organization for Migration.

The following principles are important to us when recruiting foreign workers:

  • Respect for the law, fundamental principles and rights in the workplace
  • Respect for ethical and professional behavior
  • Prohibition of recruitment fees and related costs for foreign workers
  • Respect for freedom of movement/freedom of movement of persons
  • Respect for transparency regarding employment conditions
  • Respect for confidentiality and data protection
  • Safeguarding access to legal remedies

Additionally, business partners must ensure that the recruitment and placement process complies with the laws and agreements of all countries in which they operate, including the relevant labor and immigration laws.

Our Code of Conduct is binding

As GLOBOGATE acts on behalf of customers and implements the service packages with business partners commissioned under this Code, it verifies whether the objectives, motivations, contractual obligations, and conduct of all parties align with its requirements.

Equal rights for all

Furthermore, GLOBOGATE and its business partners confirm the following:

Foreign workers have the right to be recruited to work in Germany through a fair and transparent process, with appropriate working conditions and recruitment terms that uphold the commitments made.

Employees have equal rights and obligations as their colleagues in Germany and are responsible for fulfilling their obligations to their recruiter and/or employer.

How we deal with breaches

GLOBOGATE and its business partners confirm that no retaliatory action will be taken against anyone who files a complaint or reports a suspected breach of this Code. Employees or other parties who violate this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action by GLOBOGATE and its business partners. This may include (but is not limited to) disclosing the violation to government officials if required by law, agreement, or contract, and, if necessary, not entering into or terminating contractual relationships with the party in question.

GLOBOGATE, June 1, 2024 (template including the seal of approval, with current provisions applied accordingly. See also faire-anwerbung-pflege-deutschland.de.

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