Global teams, local expertise

Crossing borders—from recruitment to successful integration.

To recruit and successfully integrate nurses, we prioritize understanding their needs and motivations. Our local teams, supported by experts in Germany and Switzerland, maintain high quality standards and adapt flexibly to the requirements of our clients and candidates.

Team Colombia

Our focus is on the community. On-site, we strive to support our nurses and prepare them for their new lives with commitment and joy. Through cultural events, we promote not only integration, but also encourage successful completion of language training. These events introduce nurses to German culture and foster anticipation for their new life in Germany. We take pride in walking every step together and building genuine connections.

Team Uzbekistan

We regularly lead new classes through language training with great commitment. Our mission is not only to expand our network through new partnerships but also to prepare each of our nurses in the best possible way, both personally and professionally. We emphasize bridging cultural differences so that every nurse can lead a happy and fulfilling life in Germany.

Team Philippines

For years, we have been supporting nurses on their journey to Germany with unwavering energy and high-quality standards. Our close ties with local partners and commitment to first-class training ensure the success of every nurse in our program. We anticipate every step, and every departure to Germany is as exciting as the first.

Team Switzerland & Germany

From the heart of Europe, we coordinate and oversee the entire recruitment and integration process in Germany and Switzerland. We ensure that each phase runs smoothly and maintain constant communication with clients, nurses, and our local teams to provide comprehensive support. Our expertise and commitment are the driving forces behind the successful completion of each project.

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