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Our seals of quality and international approvals.

Our highest priority is compliance with human rights, labor, and social standards. We were the first company to receive the "Fair Recruitment Care Germany" seal of approval in 2022.

The "Fair Recruitment Care Germany" seal of approval

The “Fair Recruitment Care Germany” seal of approval is a certification by the Federal Republic of Germany for private sector recruitment of nurses from non-EU countries. Managed by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), it is issued by the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe Wilhelmine-Lübke-Stiftung e.V. (KDA) and developed by the German Competence Center for International Skilled Workers in the Health and Nursing Professions (DKF) as part of coordinated efforts for nursing care. In the future, the quality mark will be awarded by the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Anwerbung und Vermittlung von Pflegekräften aus dem Ausland e.V. (RAL Quality Association for the Recruitment and Placement of Nursing Staff from Abroad). The certification criteria covers four key areas:

  • Transparent process
  • Protection of nurses
  • Market orientation for care/healthcare companies
  • Checking the agency through independent auditing
  • Criteria to ensure ethical recruitment and greater transparency in the placement process.

Objective of the quality seal

The objective of the quality seal is to convey and ensure reliable information, transparency, and fairness as essential core values in solid and respectful cooperation for all parties involved. From the placement and recruitment process to on-the-job training and integration, the involved parties lay the foundation for successful cooperation for both foreign nursing staff and all parties involved.

As one of the most experienced companies in the field of recruiting foreign nursing staff for Germany, GLOBOGATE was invited by the BMG/DKF to participate in the defining and reviewing the requirements of the "Fair Recruitment Nursing Germany" seal of approval.

Pioneer in fair international recruitment

Since its launch in 2017, GLOBOGATE and its partners have been practicing fair recruitment abroad. The company made only a few adjustments to meet quality requirements, making GLOBOGATE one of the first companies in Germany to receive the "Fair Recruitment Care Germany'' seal of approval on February 2, 2022. For general information about the seal of approval and detailed test criteria, as well as their impact on our customers, please visit

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You can find more information for international nursing staff migrating to Germany to work in the healthcare sector on our country-specific websites or in the attached information flyer on migrating to Germany to work in the care sector:

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